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Electronic logging devices for truckers

Most people in Missouri know that commercial truck drivers can spend many long and lonely hours on the road, often at night. This can lead to a high level of fatigue and contribute to a lack of safety. Many an accident has occurred due, at least in part, to trucker fatigue. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has enacted an Hours of Service rule that limits the number of hours a trucker may drive in a given day or work week. In an effort to force compliance with this rule, they have also mandated the use of electronic logging devices.

Speeding trucker kills mother and her two babies

People in Missouri who have commercial driving licenses are expected to take the responsibility of safety seriously every time they climb up into their rigs. Unfortunately, that does not always seem to happen as too many truckers continue to display an utter disregard for their own safety and the safety of others. Fatigued truckers, drunk truckers and more expose innocent people to risks and losses that they should never have to endure.

Dump truck and tractor collide in Missouri; teenager dies

Tractors and other farm equipment are not ideal for traveling on Missouri roads. Nevertheless, sometimes it is necessary to drive them there, and drivers of other vehicles should take extra care when sharing the road with farm equipment, particularly in rural areas.

Is there a limit to how long a trucker can drive?

Like many Missouri residents, you may think that some truck drivers can stay on the road for long periods of time. However, there are guidelines that determine how long a trucker can drive each day and these regulations protect both truck drivers and other people on the road. 

Why are livestock haulers exempt from some safety regulations?

If you drive on Missouri roadways, you must share the road with large commercial vehicles whose drivers often make long hauls. The dangers of driver fatigue in long-haul truck drivers are very real, which is why federally mandated safety measures intended to limit the hours that truck drivers can spend on the road, as well as electronic logging of on-duty hours in order to keep drivers objectively accountable, are in place. The purpose of these measures is to keep you and all motorists, including truck drivers, safe on Missouri highways and beyond. However, Successful Farming reports that livestock haulers are exempt from some of these regulations, potentially putting lives at risk on the roadways.

Assigning liability in a truck accident

After having been involved in a truck accident in Kansas City, you are often forced to deal with a number of different issues. There's the medical care you and any loved one's also injured in the crash may need, as well as the potential for further financial losses from having to miss work in order to recuperate. Then there is the matter of having to repair or replace your vehicle. Many of those that have come to see us here at McShane & Brady LLC who have been through similar ordeals have often found that standard insurance coverage is not enough to help cover their costs. If you do need to seek compensation, who is ultimately liable: the truck driver that hit you, or the company that employs them? 

Risks when driving next to a semi truck

If you are like most people who drive in Missouri, you have at times found yourself right next to a tractor trailer and realized just how small your standard passenger vehicle really is compared to those big rigs. The sheer size of these trucks is actually just one of the reasons that truck drivers, truck owners and trucking companies should put a strong emphasis on safe operation of vehicles.

Hitting the brakes: truck drivers and drowsy driving

How often should truck drivers receive breaks during shifts? This seems to be an ongoing debate within the semi truck driving industry. While other fields generally contain set work schedules with breaks throughout the day, truckers often do not have this advantage. It is common for Missouri truck drivers to exchange sleep for long and excruciating hours on the road.

Impaired truckers subject of federal rule

People in Missouri who are concerned about drunk drivers have good reason to worry. Despite many decades of high public awareness about the dangers of driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs, too many innocent lives continue to be lost at the hands of selfish and reckless impaired drivers. In some cases, these drivers are commercially licensed to operate extremely large vehicles like semi trucks.

Trucker charged in massive crash on interstate

Missouri residents know that sharing the road with tractor-trailers can be highly dangerous. One always hopes that a commercial truck driver takes their training and responsibility seriously and operates their rig safely. Sadly that does not always happen and it can lead to devastating results for others in the area.

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