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Are liability waivers enforceable in Missouri?

Kansas City offers plenty of activities for you and your family to enjoy during the summer months. There may be times, however, when your participation in such activities is contingent on you signing a liability waiver. Such waivers are meant to signify that you understand that there might be inherent risks associated with a certain activity or entering on to a property, and by signing it, you agree to absolve the property owner of liability for any accidents that may occur. While you may agree that a property owner should be held liable for any injuries resulting from your own carelessness, you might also assume that a liability waiver does not extend to cases of obvious negligence. 

When you cannot fix an unsafe situation right away

Property owners in Kansas City have the responsibility of maintaining a safe location, so if you find a place on your property that poses a danger, it needs to be fixed for the safety of anyone who should visit your property. However, some unsafe situations cannot be rectified immediately, which places the property owner in an awkward situation. If the owner cannot stop people from entering the hazardous area, the owner could be held liable if someone gets hurt.

Two main workplace safety suggestions to share with your employer

When it comes to premises liability in Missouri, it is the employer who should ensure the workplace is safe. Even so, it is the people who work in the space everyday who are in the best position to identify safety hazards and recommend the best solutions.

Family of TV crew member claims wrongful death

As law enforcement officials deal with calls in Missouri, they must use extreme caution when anything lethal can be involved. A recent case poses the question that even if the action is deemed justifiable under the law, do officers have a responsibility to private citizens that are with them at the time?

What is your legal status on someone else's premises?

If you become injured on someone else's property, whether it is a business or a home, the owner's liability depends in part upon your legal status as a visitor to the property. The standard of care that the law expects of a property owner is different depending on your purpose for being the on the property and whether you are there with the owner's consent. 

What does it mean to settle a personal injury case?

If you have a premises liability claim filed against you in Missouri, the chances are fairly good that you will settle your case. According to the American Bar Association, settling a case simply means coming to an agreement with the other party without needing to involve a judge. Many cases end with a settlement instead of a judgment.

How do electrical shocks affect the human body?

Unsafe Missouri buildings that contain faulty or damaged wiring can result in an unwary person receiving a nasty electric shock. Depending on the severity of the shock, a person may experience severe health problems afterward. In fact, if the electric shock is strong enough, it could result in a person's death.

What factors contribute to bone fracture in a fall?

Winter is coming to Missouri, and the icy sidewalks and wet, slippery floors that it often brings with it can pose an increased fall risk. You probably already know that a fall can cause a bone to fracture. However, you may not realize that the fall itself is only one factor that contributes to a broken bone. 

Detailing the attractive nuisance doctrine

As a parent in Kansas City, you likely equate the arrival of spring with the impending onset of summer vacation. As your children take to the outdoors to explore and play with their friends during the summer, you no doubt counsel them extensively to avoid dangers. So to have many of the parents that our team here at McShane & Brady has worked with in the past, yet many of their children found certain outdoor attractions to enticing to resist. The question is if your child is injured by a hazard on another's property, can you hold said property owner responsible? 

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