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What injuries do motorcyclists commonly face?

Missouri motorcyclists like you unfortunately take big risks every time you get on the road. The small size of your bike means that you usually don't stand up well against larger, covered vehicles. McShane & Brady, personal injury attorneys, aid those who have been injured in crashes with other vehicles.

Vehicle drivers put bikers at risk

The warm weather is back and for many people in Missouri that means so too is the time when they can happily hop on their motorcycles and enjoy riding along in the open air. To get this season started, May was actually National Motorcycle Safety Awareness month which seems to have been perfectly timed. This month is designed to make bikers more aware of how to ride safely but it is also designed to increase awareness of motorcycles on the road among drivers of other vehicles.

Being proactive about motorcycle safety can save your life

Each time you get on your motorcycle, you are anticipating the freedom and flexibility of riding your bike in the open air. With such incredible scenery in Missouri, your motorcycle can be an excellent distraction from everyday responsibilities and allow you a hobby to enjoy. However, your ability to create positive memories of riding your motorcycle is dependent on your effort to drive responsibly and take action to keep yourself safe. At Mcshane & Brady, we are familiar with the risks that motorcyclists face and are committed to helping those involved in accidents to work through legal repercussions. 

Can you get a brain injury in a motorcycle accident?

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Missouri, you may worry about injuries such as fractures and sprains. Sometimes the most serious wounds are the one you cannot see, though. It is important to recognize the signs of a brain injury so you can seek medical attention.

How can I avoid accidents when I'm riding my motorcycle?

If you ride a motorcycle, you already know that you have a higher risk of injuries than drivers of vehicles. You have unique driving situations that others do not, especially when curves and road conditions are in play, but the majority of accidents involve other vehicles. The simple truth is that motorcyclists need to be in a mindset of driving defensively to avoid hazards created by other motorists. Here are some strategies you can use to stay safe.

The disadvantages and weaknesses of motorcycles

Missouri motorcyclists understand that riding their motorcycle will always come with certain physical risks. However, there are some things that can make a motorcyclist more open to danger. These weaknesses should always be monitored and avoided when possible.

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