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Fatal crash in Missouri blamed on blowing snow

It is always tragic when a young person loses her life as a result of a motor vehicle accident, whether as a passenger or as the driver. It is even worse when the accident is the result of harsh winter weather, which can not only make the roads slippery and impede vehicles' progress but decrease visibility. The family members of a 19-year-old woman killed in an accident on a Missouri highway last Monday will always wonder if she could have avoided her untimely death by wearing a seat belt or waiting until weather conditions were more favorable.

Can prescription drugs lead to a DUI?

Missouri residents often have to take over-the-counter or prescription medications to take care of issues ranging from infections to allergies and more. However, some of these products can interfere with your ability to drive. But just how bad is it to drive while under the influence of prescription drugs?

Will a brain injury change your life?

Car accidents in Missouri happen for any number of reasons. A driver may be tired or distracted. It may simply be a case of someone being in the wrong place at the wrong time. McShane & Brady are personal injury attorneys who are here to help you if you're dealing with a traumatic brain injury as a direct result of a car accident.

Missouri in top ten list for worst drivers

Residents in Missouri can be quite concerned about their safety and the safety of their family members when on the roads and highways. This concern is valid because even with strong laws in place, drivers are still able to continue to make reckless and negligent choices that put not only themselves but other in harm's way.

Why is the post-holiday season full of personal injury lawsuits?

The weeks between Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Eve see a higher rate of personal injuries, many of which result from alcohol. After the holiday season, many people must recover from overindulging in food, drink and revelry. However, others must recover from a much more serious ailment: an injury that occurred over the holidays.

Reduced BAC for drivers in Utah

People who live in Missouri know that casual drinking is a normal part of life. That, however, does not negate the need for people to be conscious about their ability to safely operate a car, truck or other motor vehicle. With the increased availability of ridesharing options and awareness about the dangers of drunk driving, there is really no reason for someone to be driving after they have been drinking too much. Nonetheless, this still happens and innocent people continue to be hurt or killed as a result.

State sees spike in accident fatalities

As the holiday season is now in full swing, residents all across Missouri may well find themselves concerned about their safety and the safety of their loved ones as they travel to and from holiday events. Whether en route to a local event or on the road to spend multiple days with family for larger gatherings, people should be able to trust that everyone will arrive at their intended destinations safely and soundly. Sadly, that does not always happen.

How often are work zones a factor in car accidents?

Road construction is an unavoidable part of life for anyone who regularly travels Missouri’s many roadways, and with new communities and thoroughfares popping up all the time, there is little chance of avoiding them entirely. Navigating your way through these work zones presents certain risks, however, and work zones are often a factor in auto accidents, injuries and fatalities.

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