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How often are work zones a factor in car accidents?

Road construction is an unavoidable part of life for anyone who regularly travels Missouri’s many roadways, and with new communities and thoroughfares popping up all the time, there is little chance of avoiding them entirely. Navigating your way through these work zones presents certain risks, however, and work zones are often a factor in auto accidents, injuries and fatalities.

What happens in a whiplash injury?

Most people in Missouri have heard references to whiplash but they may not fully understand this injury. That may be in part due to the fact that sometimes whiplash is treated almost as a joke or not taken seriously. However, this type of injury can actually result in a chronic condition for some people according to The Mayo Clinic. It is important for people who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident to know the signs of whiplash.

Missouri teens face high risks when driving

Residents in Missouri who have teenage children preparing to get their drivers' permits and eventually licenses are quite often nervous about their kids taking on this responsibility. Their concerns are not without cause as motor vehicle accidents are an unfortunate reality of life on the road. Now, a new study released by WalletHub gives Missouri parents potentially even more reason to worry as it seems the state may not be doing enough to keep young drivers safe.

Calls for federal regulation of autonomous vehicles

People who live in Missouri may have varied opinions on the continuing evolution of self-driving cars. Some might be fearful of this new technology especially in light of the string of accidents that have made news headlines in recent months. Others might welcome the potential benefits this technology brings including opening new doors for the elderly or disabled who struggle with transportation options due to their limited mobility.

Five people seriously injured by drunk driver

Missouri residents should be able to feel safe when they get in their cars and trust that in today's society, the fact that drinking and driving is unsafe is well known and accepted by all. Sadly that is not the case as there remain too many people who refuse to let go of their keys when they drink or who refuse to stop drinking when they know they will be driving. Whatever the reason for these choices, the end result is the same - innocent people are injured and killed for no good reason.

How dangerous is speeding?

Missouri residents like you are aware of the fact that speeding is illegal and considered dangerous. Still, many drivers will speed on the road every single day, and some may even consider it to be normal driving behavior. But do they know how dangerous speeding really is?

What are some other causes of drowsy driving?

Motor vehicle crashes have many causes, some of which receive a lot of attention in online groups and media reports. For example, many people hear about the dangers of driving drunk. However, there are a wide variety of dangerous behaviors that can lead to a collision, such as drowsy driving. Moreover, drivers can become drowsy for various reasons and it is important for people to make sure that they are vigilant when they get behind the wheel.

How many people die in car crashes in Missouri?

If you ever listen to local reports about car accidents in which people have died in Missouri and wonder just how many times this really happens every year, you are not alone. Traffic fatalities sadly continue to plague area roads and highways despite improvements being made in vehicle safety and stronger laws.

Tesla owners: Autopilot does not mean self-driving

Recently in California, the owner of a Tesla Model S crashed into a fire engine on the highway. Authorities said the man had been using the vehicle’s Autopilot driver assistance system at the time of the crash. Nobody was injured, but the incident raises awareness about the potential dangers of using new technology without fully understanding its purpose and limitations. Tesla owners in Missouri and elsewhere have a responsibility to properly and safely use the Autopilot feature in their vehicles.

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