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Spinal cord injuries require extensive care

Car crash injuries come in a variety of forms. Some are worse than others, but all of them can have a negative impact on your life. One of the most serious injuries that a person might face is a spinal cord injury. While it is possible for these to be minor, it is much more likely that you will have life-long effects from the injury.

Information you need to gather at the scene of the accident

Documenting the scene of a car accident is something that many people leave to the police officers who respond to the call. While it is important to leave things where they are until the officers arrive, you can take steps to document the scene on your own just in case you decide to seek compensation.

Kansas City traffic fatalities up nearly 45 percent from 2016

As 2017 comes to a close, drivers should use extra caution during the final weeks of the holiday season. With increased travel for last minute shopping and seasonal celebrations, more drivers are out on the roads and they are often in a hurry. Personal priorities begin to outweigh a driver’s sense of responsibility to obey traffic laws and common courtesy for the safety of other motorists on the road dissipates.

3 reasons to work with an attorney after a motor vehicle accident

You were passing through a local intersection when a young driver failed to stop. She slammed into your vehicle, leaving you with injuries and your vehicle in bad shape. You wanted to deal with her insurance company directly, but your family members suggested that it might be better to work with an attorney. What should you do?

How an insurance company thinks

Few businesses are as misunderstood as insurance companies. They advertise that they will be our protectors, that they will "ensure" that you are treated right in the wake of a calamity.

Follow these safety tips for Trick or Treating

October means trips to the pumpkin patch and caramel apples are in season. It also means that Halloween is just around the corner. Soon, costumes, decorations, tricks and treats will be everywhere you look. Halloween is fun for you and your children, but it also poses extra risks on the streets. Studies show that Halloween is one of the most fatal days for pedestrians. Motorists and trick-or-treating families can do their part to help avoid car accidents.

Remind Teens about hazardous weather conditions while driving

August is coming to an end. This means that fall will be here soon. As a Missourian, you know this means the weather will change. Midwestern weather often changes quickly and unexpectedly. You know that one day can feel like summer, the next like fall and then it can jump back to sunny and warm. You also know that wind, rain and snow will soon become a threat.

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