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August 2019 Archives

Motorcycles face some challenges that other vehicles don't

Motorcyclists have to ensure that they are driving safely with each trip. There is no room for error on these two-wheel motor vehicles. Even a slight lapse in judgment can claim the life of a motorcyclist. What many of them don't think about is that the lapse of judgment might come from another driver instead of themselves.

Missouri crash kills 2 teens just before school starts

A new school year started last week for students in Lincoln County, Missouri. Nevertheless, what should have been an opportunity to welcome students back turned into an occasion for mourning. Two 16-year-old students of the district lost their lives in a car crash just days before the new school year began. The school district responded by providing counseling services for those who need them, including students, family members and staff, throughout the first week of school. 

Unrestrained vehicle occupants die in Missouri crash

A recent two-vehicle crash in Missouri involved four occupants altogether. One was the driver of a semi-truck, one was the driver of an SUV and the other two, a 9-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl, were passengers of the SUV. Two of the four wore proper restraints within their respective vehicles and survived the crash. The other two wore no restraints and died of their injuries. 

Understanding whiplash-associated disorders

Most people in Missouri have heard references to whiplash, often made in a joking manner when conversations about vehicle accidents are had. However, whiplash or whiplash-associated disorders really are no laughing matters. Understanding what whiplash really is and what it may contribute to is important for anyone who might find themselves in a crash, no matter how minor it may seem at first.

What are the different areas of a construction zone?

When you come upon a zone of road construction in Missouri, you may not be thinking about the different areas that comprise each. This is understandable, as you are probably devoting most of your attention to paying attention to the signs and obeying the instructions of flaggers in the interest of navigating the work zone safely. 

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