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Chronic traumatic encephalopathy after repeated head trauma

People who have a head injury can often face life-long challenges. In some cases, the problem is that the person has repeated brain trauma. This can come from sports injuries, but it might also involve being in more than one car wreck or other accident.

One catastrophic diagnosis that might be possible is chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which can't be diagnosed until long after the injuries occur. Sadly, this is a fatal condition that has many impacts on the person's life, especially near the end of their life.

What is CTE?

CTE is caused when the protein tau builds up. This is the result of progressive degeneration and doesn't occur in the absence of repeated head trauma. As the brain deteriorates, the person's ability to lead a normal life decreases.

Parkinsonism, aggression, impulse control issues, memory loss, judgement impairment, depression and dementia are all common with this condition. Some of these can occur right at the time of the injury. However, this doesn't signal CTE. If you start to experience these long after the injury, the likelihood that you have CTE is a factor that you must consider. In some cases, your family members might be the ones who start to notice that there is a problem.

How is CTE diagnosed?

Unfortunately, CTE can only be diagnosed after a person passes away. This is one of the factors that makes it so difficult for people who are suffering from it to receive suitable treatments. It is sometimes possible that they will be able to find an expert in the condition who can try to treat some of the symptoms, but there is no cure for the condition.

Because of the lack of cure and the chance that treatments for symptoms might not be effective, a person who has CTE can suffer a lot during their life. For some, the progressive decrease in the ability to function normally might result in the need for costly care, particularly if personal care is necessary.

For people who get into car wrecks, getting treatments for any head injuries is critical. This might not fully prevent CTE, but it may prove to be beneficial in the short term. Treating these injuries can sometimes get costly, so some victims might choose to pursue claims for compensation to minimize the financial impact.

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