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What are some characteristics of a drowsy driving crash?

Drowsy driving crashes are often catastrophic, but they can always be prevented. Drivers should never operate the vehicle unless they are in the appropriate mental state and are physically able to handle the duties. Many drivers, including truckers, don't pay attention to these factors before they get on the road.

When an accident does occur that might be attributed to drowsy driving, there are many factors that can be reviewed to determine exactly what happened. Drowsy driving crashes share some of the same characteristics. While all of these might not be present in every crash, they are often a starting point for some of the investigative work that's done in these cases.

What time did the crash occur?

The time of day is often a clue as to what happened. Most drowsy driving accidents occur in the night hours. This is because the body's circadian rhythm is set so that humans sleep when it is dark outside. There are also peaks during the mid-afternoon during what is commonly considered naptime for children.

What was the speed limit on the road?

Crashes that have drowsy driving as a contributing factor are more likely to occur on higher speed roads. They often happen on roads with a speed limit of 55 to 65 miles per hour. One train of thought on the correlation is that the drop in reaction time that is common with drowsiness is more likely to cause a crash at higher speeds since the vehicle travels a longer distance at higher speeds than what it travels at lower speeds.

Who was in the vehicle and did the driver try to avoid the wreck?

Two other factors are that the driver was alone at the time of the crash and that they didn't try to avoid the wreck. A single vehicle occupant was a factor in approximately 82 percent of drowsy driving wrecks. Because of the lack of reaction and the possibility of falling asleep, drowsy drivers usually don't try to avoid the wreck.

What should you do if you were stuck by a drowsy driver?

You should handle a drowsy driving crash the same way you handle any other car accident. Contact the Kansas City police to have them come out to write an accident report. Have the paramedics come to check you out and bring you to the hospital if you need to go. If you suffer financial damages because of the wreck, you can also seek compensation from the drowsy driver.

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