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Tips for motorcycle safety as the riding season nears

Riding your motorcycle is a fun way to spend time, but only if you do it safely. You should think carefully about your plans before you leave home. While you can't control the actions of everyone on the road around you, it is possible to make sure that you take steps to keep yourself safe.

Even people who are experienced in motorcycle riding may benefit from reading up on some basic safety reminders. People who don't ride can also use this information since it can help them to better understand some of the challenges that motorcyclists face.

Check motorcycle functionality

Your motorcycle has to be suited to be on the road. You can't venture out if the lights or brakes don't work. In fact, you should avoid riding unless your bike is in good shape, including tires with good tread. The levels of coolant and other fluids should also be checked. Anything that is wrong with your motorcycle could lead to an issue that causes you to crash.

Ensure you're in the condition to ride

You shouldn't ride when you are intoxicated, fatigued or distracted. Even being ill might impact your driving abilities. Not only do you have to balance on the motorcycle, you also have to ensure that you can react appropriately when there is an obstacle or hazard.

Follow all road rules

Traffic laws apply to all motorists, including motorcyclists. The issue is that there are times when you might be tempted to skirt around them. Speeding, for example, might seem like fun so you can see what your bike can do, but speed limits were instituted to help keep people safe. Driving too fast means you are at risk of losing control of the motorcycle.

Watch other motorists

Other motorists cause crashes with motorcycles. Watch what those drivers are doing. This is particularly important at intersections because others might not see your motorcycle. Even if they do see you, they might not be paying much attention or may assume that they can bully their way through the intersection. In two-thirds of crashes between vehicles and motorcycles, the other motorist is the one who is at fault because they didn't yield the right of way to the motorcycle.

When a motorcyclist is injured in a wreck caused by someone else, they might decide to seek compensation for the damages. This can cover medical bills and other expenses related to the crash.

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