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Closed brain injuries can lead to serious damage

Some people falsely assume that car wrecks that don't leave both vehicles mangled beyond recognition won't cause serious injuries to the occupants of the vehicles. One of the types of injuries that can result from even less serious crashes is a brain injury. This is due to the violent motion that is caused by the sudden jolt of the impact.

Most brain injuries from car wrecks are closed. This means that the skin and skull aren't opened. While this might seem like a good thing, there are some important points to remember about this type of injury.

How trauma occurs

The brain is fully encased by the skull. When you are in a car wreck, the jarring motion slings the brain against the skull. This impact causes damage to the brain, which is usually noticeable on CT or MRI scans. On top of the bruising that can occur, there is the possibility of damage to the neuronal axons, which are part of the nerve cells. Unlike bruising on the brain, damage to the neuronal axons can't be detected via imaging scans.

Impacts on the victim

The manner in which the brain injury impacts the victim depends on the location and severity of the injury. In the case of damage to the neuronal axons, the parts of the body that are controlled by the affected area might suffer from abnormal movement and abilities. In some cases, a person's ability to communicate appropriately can be affected. Memory, cognitive abilities, understanding and moods can also be affected.

Immediate effects

When the injury first occurs, the brain tissue will react to the damage in the area. A series of physiological responses and biochemical reactions occur. This can increase the tissue damage and can lead to brain cell death. Trying to minimize the secondary damage caused by these reactions is a priority in brain injury cases, which is one reason why immediate medical care is important.

When you seek medical care for a traumatic brain injury, the doctor is going to develop a treatment plan based on the specifics of the injury and the impacts it has on your life. These injuries typically don't heal quickly so you are in for a long road to recovery. During this time, you might have to follow strict instructions for brain rest, which could prevent you from being able to work. All of these financial impacts might lead you to seek compensation from the party/parties liable for the crash.

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