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November 2018 Archives

Missouri man killed in hit-and-run accident

Fatal motor vehicle accidents in Missouri are horrific enough, but drivers who leave the scene of an accident make matters worse, not only for themselves but for anyone injured and in need of help in the wake of a collision. A 44-year-old Kansas City man compounded a fatal motor vehicle accident on Sunday by leaving the scene of an accident in which the operator of a tow truck died. He now faces class D felony charges for the offense.

Assigning liability in a truck accident

After having been involved in a truck accident in Kansas City, you are often forced to deal with a number of different issues. There's the medical care you and any loved one's also injured in the crash may need, as well as the potential for further financial losses from having to miss work in order to recuperate. Then there is the matter of having to repair or replace your vehicle. Many of those that have come to see us here at McShane & Brady LLC who have been through similar ordeals have often found that standard insurance coverage is not enough to help cover their costs. If you do need to seek compensation, who is ultimately liable: the truck driver that hit you, or the company that employs them? 

How do electrical shocks affect the human body?

Unsafe Missouri buildings that contain faulty or damaged wiring can result in an unwary person receiving a nasty electric shock. Depending on the severity of the shock, a person may experience severe health problems afterward. In fact, if the electric shock is strong enough, it could result in a person's death.

Serious crash near Arnold illustrates dangers for motorcyclists

Motorcyclists in Missouri and elsewhere have a saying: “It’s not if you crash, it’s when.” Motorcyclists understand that they face great risks when they ride, and most take these risks seriously. Unfortunately, the best precautions don’t always protect bikers from the negligent actions of other drivers. A recent motorcycle accident that occurred outside the Arnold city limits shows the unexpected, serious dangers that motorcyclists face whenever they are on the road.

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