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Tanker trucks have unique hazards that may lead to crashes

Tanker trucks help to carry large quantities of liquids from one place to another. Whether they are transporting something as harmless as milk or as dangerous as gasoline, the truckers driving these rigs must ensure they are taking proper safety steps.

There are many things that a trucker needs to do when they have liquids in the tanker. All of these are important to help keep the trucker safe, but also so that they aren't harming other drivers on the roads. Here are some of the possible causes of tanker crashes, which might be useful information if you are struck by a big rig and are planning on seeking compensation for the damages.

Sloshing liquids

As the truck is in motion, the liquid is going to move due to gravity and physics. Truckers who handle these loads should be familiar with how the liquids react to movements of the truck. Since the center of gravity is high, any mismanaged movements can lead to the tanker rolling over, which will also roll the truck.

It is interesting to note that partial loads are more likely to slosh and surge than full loads. Truckers must ensure that they aren't stopping suddenly or trying to pick up speed too quickly. Drivers who are around the trucker shouldn't dart in front of the vehicle since having to slam on the brakes will likely cause a problem with the liquid in the tanker.

Turns are another tricky facet for truckers. Slowing down while turning and using controlled movements can help to prevent the liquid from shifting. The trucker must remain alert and attentive throughout the drive.

Road conditions

With the winter coming up, there is a chance for snow and ice on Missouri roads. Tanker trucks can have great difficulty in these conditions because the liquid moving within the tankers might cause it to go off course due to slipping on the roads. Steep grades and rain can also be troublesome for these vehicles.

In these conditions, truckers need to be sure they have ample clearance. Others drivers on the roads shouldn't get too close to the tankers. This can help to keep everyone safe.

If you are struck by a tanker truck, you may need medical care. This comes at a cost, so you might choose to seek compensation for the damages.

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