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5 reasons for serious motorcycle accidents

You finally bought that motorcycle you've always wanted. You put it off in college because it was too expensive. After college, you bought a house a had to pay off student loans. You spent 15 years putting all of your extra income into those debts. Now they're finally gone, leaving you free to buy a bike to reward yourself.

It's fun. It's exciting. Just make sure you do not jump on the bike without understanding the inherent risks.

Serious injuries

Motorcycle accidents are very dangerous, even at low speeds, because even the best helmets on the market today just cannot give you the same protection as being inside of a vehicle does. Motorcycle crashes carry a very high level of risk for serious injuries and fatalities.

To help you understand the danger, here are five reasons why these accidents occur:

  1. Left-hand turns. You head east at 60 miles per hour while another driver waits. He or she is heading west and planning to turn left across your lane. That driver watches the other full-sized cars in the lane, never sees your small bike at all, and turns left right in front of you.
  2. Blind spots. You drive along next to a semi on the interstate. You made eye contact with the driver a minute ago, so you think he sees you. What you do not realize is that you have drifted back into his blind spot. He doesn't know you're still there and merges into you.
  3. Road hazards. The road crews leave the lanes uneven during a project, but the difference is small. They forget to put up any signs. Cars and trucks go over that bump with ease. You have no idea it is there, however. When your bike hits it unexpectedly, it throws you out of control.
  4. Potholes. The roads near your house get neglected. Those potholes get worse every single year. They never cause a problem for you in your pickup truck, other than giving you a bumpy ride. When you hit them on your motorcycle, even though you drive under the speed limit, you can't avoid a crash.
  5. Drivers never see you. Motorcycles are small and relatively uncommon. You wear black because the leather is good in a crash, but it makes you blend into the road. A motorist pulls out of a driveway in front of you, merges right into you while entering the interstate or drives through a two-way intersection when you have the right of way and no stop sign.

In a split second, that brand new motorcycle gets reduced to scrap metal and you head for the hospital in the back of an ambulance. What now? Make sure you know your rights for seeking financial compensation for your injuries and damages.

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