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May 2018 Archives

Hitting the brakes: truck drivers and drowsy driving

How often should truck drivers receive breaks during shifts? This seems to be an ongoing debate within the semi truck driving industry. While other fields generally contain set work schedules with breaks throughout the day, truckers often do not have this advantage. It is common for Missouri truck drivers to exchange sleep for long and excruciating hours on the road.

Impaired truckers subject of federal rule

People in Missouri who are concerned about drunk drivers have good reason to worry. Despite many decades of high public awareness about the dangers of driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs, too many innocent lives continue to be lost at the hands of selfish and reckless impaired drivers. In some cases, these drivers are commercially licensed to operate extremely large vehicles like semi trucks.

Man charged with multiple offenses in DUI death

Most residents in Missouri have heard much about the dangers of drunk driving yet despite widespread awareness, many people refuse to stop drinking and driving. As a result, too many people continue to be killed by drunk drivers. It is understandable that people want to find ways to seek justice after these senseless accidents.

Being proactive about motorcycle safety can save your life

Each time you get on your motorcycle, you are anticipating the freedom and flexibility of riding your bike in the open air. With such incredible scenery in Missouri, your motorcycle can be an excellent distraction from everyday responsibilities and allow you a hobby to enjoy. However, your ability to create positive memories of riding your motorcycle is dependent on your effort to drive responsibly and take action to keep yourself safe. At Mcshane & Brady, we are familiar with the risks that motorcyclists face and are committed to helping those involved in accidents to work through legal repercussions. 

5 reasons for serious motorcycle accidents

You finally bought that motorcycle you've always wanted. You put it off in college because it was too expensive. After college, you bought a house a had to pay off student loans. You spent 15 years putting all of your extra income into those debts. Now they're finally gone, leaving you free to buy a bike to reward yourself.

Trucker charged in massive crash on interstate

Missouri residents know that sharing the road with tractor-trailers can be highly dangerous. One always hopes that a commercial truck driver takes their training and responsibility seriously and operates their rig safely. Sadly that does not always happen and it can lead to devastating results for others in the area.

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