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Distracted driving can kill or injure innocent people

Missouri drivers count on everyone else on the road to drive safely. Without everyone drivers committing to safety behind the wheel, lives are endangered. One cause of highway accidents is distracted driving.

Distracted drivers cause trouble for many people each day. Across the country, more than 1,000 people are injured and approximately nine are killed daily in crashes related to distracted driving. Below is information related to this serious problem.

Why is distracted driving so dangerous?

Distracted driving is dangerous because it takes the focus off the road. Cars and trucks are powerful, heavy and move quickly. This is a lethal combination when the person controlling the vehicle isn't giving their entire attention to what is going on around them on the road. It only takes five seconds for a vehicle that is moving 55 mph to go the length of a football field.

Distractions that drivers face come in many forms. Cognitive, visual and manual are the three types of ways that distractions that have negative impact on motorists. These can come as a result of eating, drinking, using cellphones, changing the radio station, talking to other occupants of the vehicle, putting on makeup or even looking at billboards.

What are some of the risk factors for distracted driving?

Missouri uses a graduated licensing program for young, new drivers to help combat the likelihood that they will be distracted and make a fatal error while driving. One of the primary risk factors for distracted driving is age. Drivers who are under 20 years old have the highest proportion of fatal accidents involving distracted driving. These young people are much more likely to use their cellphones while driving, which is a major risk factor in these kinds of collisions. They are also more likely to be distracted by communicating with other people in the vehicle.

What should you do if you are struck by a distracted driver?

If you are struck by a distracted driver, you should make a note of what was distracting him or her. Seek medical care if you need it and make sure that are noting your types of injuries.

You might opt to seek compensation for the impacts of the crash. This could help you to recover money that you had to spend on treating your injuries, as well as money you weren't able to earn after the crash.

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