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Can you get a brain injury in a motorcycle accident?

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Missouri, you may worry about injuries such as fractures and sprains. Sometimes the most serious wounds are the one you cannot see, though. It is important to recognize the signs of a brain injury so you can seek medical attention.

According to Mayfield Brain and Spine, you might suffer a brain injury if your head receives a sudden blow during a collision. The symptoms you experience usually depend on the severity of your wound, as well as the part of your brain that is injured. Sometimes you might experience headaches and feel dizzy. In other situations, you may lose consciousness or have temporary amnesia. You might also have problems sleeping and paying attention.  

There are many different kinds of brain injuries. A concussion is the kind most people are familiar with. If you sustain a concussion in a collision, you usually do not have permanent brain damage and sometimes may lose consciousness for a short time after the collision. You might incur a contusion if only one part of your brain was harmed. This kind of wound usually ranges in severity. Sometimes your brain injury might be more serious. A severe blow to your head may sometimes cause a blood clot or disrupt the connections between the nerve cells in your brain.

The treatment you require usually depends on the severity of your injury. If your injury is mild, you usually can take medication and rest. If your injury is severe, however, you may sometimes need surgery.

This information is general in nature and should not be used in place of legal advice.

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