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December 2017 Archives

Fatal FedEx crash shows not all truck accidents involve big rigs

Trucks are involved in a large portion of motor vehicle accidents in Missouri and across the country. The size and speed of large semis traveling on America’s highways can turn deadly in collisions. Trucks are known for being unwieldy in heavy traffic and unable to stop quickly. However, it is not only these huge 18-wheelers that people need to be wary of. Smaller commercial trucks, such as delivery trucks and those that people can rent for moving also present dangers on highways and city streets.

Kansas City traffic fatalities up nearly 45 percent from 2016

As 2017 comes to a close, drivers should use extra caution during the final weeks of the holiday season. With increased travel for last minute shopping and seasonal celebrations, more drivers are out on the roads and they are often in a hurry. Personal priorities begin to outweigh a driver’s sense of responsibility to obey traffic laws and common courtesy for the safety of other motorists on the road dissipates.

Drowsy driving: more common than you might think

Have you ever driven to or from work and felt like you had trouble keeping your eyes open? Did you take a trip knowing that you probably should not be driving, since you have little sleep the night before? Do your sleeping habits regularly cause you to be sleepy throughout the day, including when you are behind the wheel? If so, then you are like most drivers in Missouri and elsewhere, who have driven drowsy at least once during their lifetime. At the law office of McShane & Brady, LLC, we understand that drowsy driving is not merely an inconvenience – it can endanger your life and others.

What responsibilities do property owners have this winter?

As you make your way around the city this winter, you will probably encounter numerous ways to slip and fall. From the ice-covered parking lot at your apartment complex to the muddy, wet tile floor in the grocery store’s entryway, there is no shortage of hazardous situations when the weather turns bad. You and other Missouri residents will need to navigate the streets carefully if you want to get through the season without taking a spill.

Families sue after drunk driver kills two

Missouri residents who lose their loved ones at the hands of drunk drivers deserve to have the ability to seek compensation and justice. These horrific and completely preventable incidents leave too many people grieving every year across the state and the nation. Continual vigilance is needed to convince more drivers to not drink and drive.

3 reasons to work with an attorney after a motor vehicle accident

You were passing through a local intersection when a young driver failed to stop. She slammed into your vehicle, leaving you with injuries and your vehicle in bad shape. You wanted to deal with her insurance company directly, but your family members suggested that it might be better to work with an attorney. What should you do?

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