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Group of bikers hit by truck

People who ride motorcycles in Missouri know that they are part of a special community. Bikers all across the country share their passion for riding on two wheels and enjoying the sense of freedom that comes with doing so. These people also share each other’s pain when even one motorcyclist is injured or killed in an accident.

Today, unfortunately there are 10 bikers who are on the minds of all other motorcyclists around the nation after a serious accident along Route 2 in New Hampshire. The incident occurred early on a Friday evening as the bikers were riding together when they were somehow hit by a truck driving in the opposite direction. It is not clear from the USA Today report if the truck was in the wrong lane and driving the wrong direction or how the contact between the truck and the bikes occurred.

Dump truck and tractor collide in Missouri; teenager dies

Tractors and other farm equipment are not ideal for traveling on Missouri roads. Nevertheless, sometimes it is necessary to drive them there, and drivers of other vehicles should take extra care when sharing the road with farm equipment, particularly in rural areas.

Multiple first responders at the state and local level responded to a collision in northwest Missouri between a tractor and a dump truck. Despite their efforts, however, the accident resulted in the death of the 17-year-old tractor driver and minor injuries to the driver of the dump truck. 

Deer on Missouri highway cause fatal 3-vehicle crash

Deer crossing the road at inopportune moments, posing a hazard to vehicles and their occupants, are a fact of life in many areas around the country, including in Missouri. By wandering onto the highway, one deer forced two drivers to stop suddenly on Interstate 64 near St. Louis, Missouri, inadvertently setting off a chain reaction that resulted in the death of one vehicle occupant. 

The accident happened on Friday evening. It was twilight, the time of day when deer are most likely to be active. The drivers, both women, of two eastbound vehicles saw the deer, and each came to a halt to allow it to pass. Unfortunately, the male driver of a third car came up behind them and did not stop, crashing into the rear of the second vehicle and causing it to collide with the first. The forward velocity of the third car then propelled it into the first after hitting the median.

What is a posterior cruciate ligament injury?

Having gotten into a car crash in Missouri, you have likely experienced an injury of some kind. While neck, head and spine or back injuries are discussed frequently, they are not the only type that you can suffer from. Today, we will take a look at a specific type of knee injury.

According to Mayo Clinic, a posterior cruciate ligament injury is one that affects the ligaments attaching your thigh bone to your shin bone. If it is harmed, it can cause swelling and pain, as well as a sense of instability due to how crucial this point is for your overall balance. It is harder to harm the posterior cruciate ligament than the anterior. Additionally, the symptoms can potentially be so mild at the start that you may not notice. This can make it hard for sufferers to get treatment in a timely fashion.

What are some characteristics of a drowsy driving crash?

Drowsy driving crashes are often catastrophic, but they can always be prevented. Drivers should never operate the vehicle unless they are in the appropriate mental state and are physically able to handle the duties. Many drivers, including truckers, don't pay attention to these factors before they get on the road.

When an accident does occur that might be attributed to drowsy driving, there are many factors that can be reviewed to determine exactly what happened. Drowsy driving crashes share some of the same characteristics. While all of these might not be present in every crash, they are often a starting point for some of the investigative work that's done in these cases.

What to do after being rear-ended?

After being rear-ended in Missouri, there are certain steps that need to be taken in order to smooth out the path to gaining the compensation you deserve. These steps start as soon as the crash has occurred, so it is important for you to be on top of things.

FindLaw examines these steps in detail, starting with the immediate aftermath of a crash. After checking on all passengers and drivers to ensure that they are safe, medics should be called to the scene if necessary. Do not move injured persons, as their injuries could be worsened if they are not moved by a professional.

When you cannot fix an unsafe situation right away

Property owners in Kansas City have the responsibility of maintaining a safe location, so if you find a place on your property that poses a danger, it needs to be fixed for the safety of anyone who should visit your property. However, some unsafe situations cannot be rectified immediately, which places the property owner in an awkward situation. If the owner cannot stop people from entering the hazardous area, the owner could be held liable if someone gets hurt.

According to Forbes, in the event an area presents a hazard or danger and cannot be fixed right away, a property owner needs to put up a warning sign. This is a stopgap measure until the owner can bring in a worker or a contractor to have the area fixed or secured. For instance, when coffee is spilled on a store floor, usually a wet floor placard will be erected until a janitor can finish mopping the mess up.

Motorcycle Safety Month highlights an important issue

Like many motorcyclists, you may ride at any time of the year. However, as we at the law offices of McShane & Brady, LLC, understand, spring means an increase of two-wheeled vehicles on the roads. You and other Missouri bikers face hazards whenever you ride, particularly when it comes to other drivers.

Motorcycle crashes are especially serious. In 2017, 5,172 bikers and passengers across the country lost their lives in traffic accidents. This accounted for 14% of all fatal accidents that year. The National Safety Council and other organizations recognize the need for everyone to be aware of the dangers motorcyclists face. Therefore, May is Motorcycle Safety Month. It is to be hoped that this effort will raise awareness for everyone who drives, whether they are behind the wheel of a car or on two wheels.

Missouri sees rise in distracted driving crashes

Residents in Missouri who are concerned about their safety and the safety of their family members on the road may often wonder why they continue to see so many people texting while behind the wheel. All around the country, awareness about the dangers of distracted driving has prompted almost all states to enact legislation expressly banning such actions by drivers. Only Missouri, Montana and Arizona have yet to pass any laws making texting and driving illegal.

A recent report by KHQA indicates that Missouri is finally taking steps toward a statewide ban on handheld use of cell phones for all drivers, with some exceptions such as for emergency responders. The current laws in Missouri only ban texting and driving by drivers between the ages of 16 and 21.

What should victims know about spinal cord injuries?

One injury that can occur in many types of accidents is damage to the spinal cord. This can be a temporary problem, but it can also lead to lifelong issues that impact every aspect of your life. For the victims of this type of injury and the loved ones who support them, there are some important points to know.

Because the exact manner in which a spinal cord injury affects a person is unique, it is imperative that anyone working with someone who has this type of issue listen to that person. This can give you an idea of what they need and what they want. Ultimately, the goal is to help them to live as full of a life as possible.

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