Sizable sums obtained in verbal HIPAA suits

Did you overhear a nurse discussing a very intimate detail of your medical history with the receptionist at your doctor's office? If so, you have the right to sue for damages when your doctor does not respect physician/patient confidentiality. McShane & Brady sees many people come through our door with examples of HIPAA Oral Disclosure lawsuits. In simple terms, their doctors verbally shared their medical information with someone else not present in the examination room.

The Health Information Portability and Affordability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 not only protects the written or electronic release of private health information, but also the verbal disclosure of these important and personal records.

McShane & Brady recently recovered sizable settlements in two HIPAA cases where health care providers verbally shared embarrassing and reputation damaging health information with nursing staff without patients' prior consent.

At McShane & Brady we take gossip concerning protected health information very seriously. If you believe your private health information was disclosed without your permission, either verbally or in writing, you have options for recovery. Consult us with any privacy questions or concerns regarding your HIPAA rights; it could be well worth your time.