Property owners owe large sum in TBI case

When no other firm would take the case of a veteran with a severe head injury, premises liability lawyers McShane & Brady fought passionately and courageously on his behalf.

Settlement Total: Mid-six figures

Right before the statue of limitations ran out, a former Nebraska truck driver came to us with traumatic brain injury (TBI). His injuries made it difficult to verbalize his story which is why no other firms were willing or had the patience to deal with his case.

McShane & Brady deciphered information which blatantly showed neglect on the part of property owners to insure our client's safety resulting in his head injury. His TBI occurred when he made a stop to rest at a facility undergoing minor construction/maintenance repairs. When wind blew an unsecured scaffolding ladder off the facility's roof, the falling apparatus hit our client hard on the head. As with most TBI victims, our client could no longer perform his job.

None of the parties involved had Workers Compensation insurance, so our veteran went without treatment for months following his injury. McShane & Brady immediately sought therapy through the Veterans Administration.

Working closely with the defense attorneys of multiple property owners of the facility, McShane & Brady proved liability. The case settled in just under a year, considered quick in TBI recovery.

Premises liability is a difficult legal practice area because it is often tough to show who is actually at fault. It is imperative you find experienced attorneys such as McShane & Brady who have successfully garnered sizeable settlements in this area of practice.