Mediation rewards victim in nighttime parking lot fall

Total Compensation: Mid-five figures

If you experienced injuries due to a fall at night where lighting was insufficient, you may have a claim against the property's owner. Take a look at this McShane & Brady case of a 74 year old, robust woman.

She entered the community center as she often did near her home in Jackson County, Missouri when it was still light outside. It wasn't unusual for her to leave until after dark and never had any problems in the past.

The night of her fall was an exception. This particular night there were none of the usual parking lights illuminated. She couldn't see, but nearly made it to her car before she fell and shattered her knee.

Through a rapid process of mediation, McShane & Brady worked with the community center owners to determine the cause of the dark parking lot. We found out the manager in charge of turning on parking lot lights was ill that night, and no other employee was trained in the procedure. The owner's admitted liability and agreed to pay a settlement for our client's suffering and loss.