Kansas nursing home neglect merits rare recovery amount

Are you concerned a loved one is being neglected by medical personnel? Medical malpractice and nursing home negligence are on the rise, and it's an unfortunate epidemic that often goes unchecked. Litigation is difficult, time-intensive, and emotional, and this particular settlement in Kansas is a near-unprecedented win for McShane & Brady clients.

Significant Settlement: Mid-six figures

McShane & Brady sought justice and accountability on behalf of an elderly woman and her family when caregivers neglected appropriate care, ultimately causing the dementia patient's death in a Kansas nursing home. Documentation showed our clients' mother was shut in her bathroom on numerous occasions and was known to cry out in pain frequently.

Even more disturbing were the subcutaneous (ulcer-like) wounds on her bottom and the heels of both feet. Testimony showed that our client was pushed in her wheelchair without the use of leg lifts, which eventually caused the terrible sores on her heels. These wounds warranted amputation of both feet, but before she could receive surgery, she passed due to the pain inflicted from the heel wounds.

Don't wait to consult us if you suspect any kind of medical misconduct in regards to yourself or someone else you care about. McShane & Brady attorneys are experienced in handling medical malpractice and nursing home negligence cases in Kansas, Missouri, and across the U.S. There are no out-of-pocket costs for clients.