Creative representation inspires $250,000 crash settlement

Becky Ryan and her passengers sat in an intersection in Kansas City, Kansas waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Across from them in the same intersection was a school bus loaded with children planning to make a left hand turn. Another driver going at an excessive speed flies over the hill behind the bus, crashing into it and ramming the bus into Becky's car. Automobile accidents like this impact lives in Kansas City on a daily basis, and on this tragic day some lives changed forever.

Becky's son, her other passenger and 19 kids onboard the bus sustained injuries. Unfortunately, Becky received the brunt of the impact and the most significant injuries. As a result, she was no longer able to run her thriving business and sought legal advice and compensation assistance from Kansas City car accident lawyers McShane & Brady.

The speeding driver was most definitely at fault. Underinsured in the state of Kansas, his insurer was only liable for $50,000, nowhere near enough to compensate for Becky's devastation.

"We took a look at the whole picture of this incident, creatively structuring a legal claim from other insurance companies involved," said attorney Maureen Brady. "Every option available was utilized for a speedy recovery, gaining the maximum allowable compensation to help Becky pay medical expenses and help her and her family get back to some resemblance of life."

Total Settlement: $250,000

If you are involved in a car accident anywhere in the Kansas City metro area, you have legal rights no matter how insignificant the event may seem at the time. McShane & Brady helps clients recover substantial damages from negligent drivers. Don't try to go it alone; give us a call immediately. There is no fee for an initial consultation to determine if you might have a claim.