Truck Safety Legislation Blocked in Washington

Truck Safety Legislation Blocked in Washington


Last week the Kansas City Star ran an article on truck safety rules, and shared concerns regarding the incoming administration and changes to existing legislation meant to keep our roads safe. Things like fewer rest breaks, increasing the weight limit on trucks to more than 90,000 pounds, and increasing the length of trailers don't seem like game changers, but they can have a big impact on our roadways.

Longer trailers mean drivers will need to allow for more space when trucks change lanes, and truckers will need to watch their speed along sharp turns to prevent themselves from tipping over and causing an accident. Increased weight limits create hazards in stop and go situations when trucks either can't stop or can't get moving fast enough. Fewer rest breaks mean tired truckers driving longer hours.

When it comes to the trucking industry, stricter legislation often means less money in company pockets. The American Trucking Association will push for broad rollbacks in transportation safety regulations in the coming months adding to their bottom line and making our roadways more dangerous.

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