HIPAA Attorney

Has a healthcare provider released your private medical information without your permission? State and federal law mandate that your medical information be kept confidential.

HIPAA Violations and Privacy

If your healthcare provider has told or given your medical information to another person without your permission, you can sue for damages.

The federal law which governs your private health information is HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Affordability Act). HIPAA gives rules and requirements to health care workers including doctors, nurses, hospitals, insurance companies and any other agent who deals with private health information.

NO ONE is allowed to have your medical information other than you and your doctor unless certain conditions are met. Those conditions are as follows: your express (written) authorization allowing a third party to access your information OR an order from the Court.

HIPAA laws work together with state laws to protect patient privacy and give recourse to citizens when a healthcare provider has released medical records or information without proper authorization. If you feel that your private health information has been given to someone without your permission or an order from the Court, you may have a lawsuit.

McShane & Brady is one of the only firms in the States of Missouri and Kansas litigating these causes of action. If you are aware that your medical information has been released without your permission, we would be happy to assist you in pursuing a claim for the loss of your privacy.